Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Politically Erect By: Jennifer Marie Stranges

SYNOPSIS: Carrie is continuing to date the politican Bill, but things go awry when he has an odd bedroom request. Miranda evaluates whether Steve is the guy for her when he asks her to be exclusive. Samantha is dating a very short man and Charlotte throws a "One Woman's (Man) Trash is another Woman's Treasure" party.


  • Carrie: Bedroom politics with Mr. Politician
  • Miranda: Relationship politics with Steve
  • Samantha: Social politics with the short man
Is this episode of Sex and the City (HBO) feminist? Well, like most episodes of the series, it's a bit feminist and bit not. Here are some reasons examples:

  • Carrie's refusal to pee on her Politican boyfriend
  • Steve wanting to be exclusive with Miranda
  • The way the women discuss politics makes them seem stupid
    • "I don't believe in the democratic party or the republican party, I just believe in parties." - Samantha
  • Charlotte's interest with politics comes from wanting to settle down with a rich man
As discussed in class, typically women's TV is a melodrama or has elements of it. This episode of SATC is melodramatic in the following ways:
  • the use of music: during Charlotte's "bring a man you're not interested in" party, Cheryl Crow's song Some Change Will Do You Good plays
  • the use of emotion: Miranda finally gives into Steve when after making love, he tells her he loves her
  • exaggeration: Charlotte's desperation for a man in the form of her party

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