Friday, December 10, 2010

"No If's Ands, or Buts" By: Jami McGuigan

Unlike most episodes of Sex and the City, this episode particularly focuses on racial issues. Sex and the city addresses race in this episode and points out the horrible ideologies that people have towards inter-racial couples. When Samantha is dating an African American man named Siobahn, his sister, Adena, does not approve because Samantha is white. In this episode, racism is shown through Adena’s hatred; luckily Samantha stands up for herself. Regardless of who you are, racism should not be tolerated. I think it is great how the producers of Sex and the City incorporated this topic into the show and how they exemplified Samantha as a woman who who not only stands up for herself, but also for her race:

Samantha also says: “I don’t see color, I see conquests...there is no reason to bring race into this, Siobahn is a sweet man, we have the greatest sex… and he has the biggest heart”

On the other hand, this episode also incorporates stereotypes associated with African Americans into the script. It is unfortunate how these women go from standing up for what is right to participating in something that is wrong. 
- Samantha stereotypes "black cooking"--“Martha Stewart meets puff daddy on a plate”
- Carrie: “you gotta love a brother who loves his jewelry”
- The girls “talk black” when discussing Siobah, Charlotte corrects them by saying “It’s not black talk, it’s African American talk”
- The “Black Scene” is portrayed very stereotypically
- When Samantha and Siobahn are in the line for a club hard core rap music is playing and people are yelling swearing and being “gangster” “back of the line mother fucker"
- When they enter the club, they have to go through metal detectors and everyone inside is very gangster and thug-like

In relationships, there are certain things that cross the line. In this episode, the characters stand up for themselves when it comes to all of the “deal breakers”. 
- Charlotte cannot continue to date a man because he is a bad kisser
- Aiden cannot date Carrie because she is a smoker
- Stanford cannot be with a man who collects dolls
- Siobahn’s cannot date Samantha because his sister does not approve

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