Friday, December 10, 2010

Are We Sluts?: By Jennifer Marie Stranges

This episode of Sex and the City explores the question that many critics of the show pose: Are we sluts?
The female characters of the show, although scattered in their different views of sexual liberation, all participate in and exercise the perks of sexual liberation. "Oh please, if you're a whore what does that make me?" laughs promiscuous Samantha in response to traditional Charlotte. Miranda and Carrie immediately look down in avoidance of the answer. However after several incidents in the episode, Carrie ponders the reality of her and her friends being "sluts" in her latest column.

As per usual Sex and the City fashion, the theme of the episode parallels across several characters:

  • Carrie is eager to sleep with her new boyfriend Aidan.
  • Charlotte fears being a whore after her new boyfriend screams "You fucking bitch, you fucking whore" while he ejaculates.
  • Samantha's neighbors judge her sexual promiscuity when her late-night sexcapade lets an intruder into the building  behind him.
  • Miranda has chlamydia and must contact all the people she might have passed it to - "all" being more than she'd like to admit.
"Don't people date anymore?" asks Aidan. Carrie realizes the lack of expectation for romance these days, and begins to desire a more traditional dating experience with Aidan. 

When Aidan runs a bubble bath for Carrie, she realizes that although that her right to promiscuity as a response to feminism has its perks, the traditional "waiting" experience with Aidan was worth it.

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