Friday, December 10, 2010

Industry By: Laura Daniel

As a group we decided to each take on one question to better discover Sex and the City. My question was: How the show is positioned industrially--Where is the show situated in relation to other programming trends, the contemporary television schedule, and within a larger networking strategy?

HBO is a network that stands for Home Box Office. This is the network that Sex and the City aired and is currently airing on. 
The original airing of Sex and the City took place after 9PM because of the nudity and language in the show. 
Currently the show is airing at noon which is when I enjoy watching it. But it is also airing reruns at night around 11PM for an hour. 

Where a show is situated in a line up can really define its viewability. The difference with Sex and the City than most other shows is the nudity, language, and content that occurs within each episode. It is because of this that it has to be aired later at night when children should be asleep. 
After the 9PM "bedtime" shows that shouldn't be seen by children are allowed to show nudity and have more colourful language than those shown before this time. 

The strategy of this network was to keep people coming back with both serial and episodic elements presenting characters and some plot lines that carry through the entirety of the series. 

As can be seen by the popularity of the show it did very well. So well in fact that two movies were made from it carrying on the Sex and the City tradition, bringing girls around the world together for friends, sex, and cosmos. 

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