Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Ex and the City" By: Laura Daniel

Aired: October 3, 1999


Miranda and Carrie run into Steve on the street and run away. Steve later call Miranda on running away from him in the street and let's her know "what a shitty thing that was." It hurts Miranda to think that she hurt him. Charlotte struggles with an old love for a horse she had when she was 13 named Taddie. On a jog in Central Park Charlotte comes across horses and decides to try riding again. Samantha takes on a man with a penis that is too big for her and can't handle it. Carrie, after her and Miranda's run in with Steve decided to make amends with Big and his new relationship. Carrie thought she could handle it until she went out for lunch and he told her that he was engaged to Natasha (the idiot stick figure - as Carrie refers to her as). By the end of the episode Carrie is able to at least handle the news of the engagement.

My Thoughts

Breaking up with someone is one of the hardest things that a person has to do. For people who have never actually broken up with someone don't understand the hurt that happens and the feelings of loneliness that a break- up deals with.
Forgiving an ex is usually even harder than the break-up. You have to realize one thing... when you forgive the ex you are forgiving the break-up as well, and when the ex has moved on it makes it even harder.
Women in general have a harder time with accepting a break up than men. We get attached to things faster, especially men and even more attached if the relationship involves sexual endeavors.

Today in Class

Today in class we were discussing the important idea of HBO being a women's network. The conclusion was not clear however, we did think (or some people thought) that HBO tailors their shows towards women because they are the primary watcher during the day. Finding shows that appeal to both men and women may be difficult but HBO has managed to make shows that do just this. Mad Men, Big Love, The Sopranos, ets. While Sex and the City is still geared toward women the other mellow-dramatic shows of HBO prove to us that they are trying to appeal to both sexes.

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